Nynke van Zwol (1972) graduated from the Wackers Academy of Fine Art in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Before studying Art, she studied Philosophy, Arabic and Linguistics and has worked for several years as a clinical and forensic linguist. Language has always been an important factor in her life and work.

Her fascination with ancient undeciphered scripts has led to the construction of her own asemic (meaningless) glyphs. The calligraphic forms are based on ancient scripts like cuneiform, linear-a and runes. These glyphs are used in watercolor paintings and drawings. Their meaninglessness makes them universally interpretable.

Her skills with watercolor are best represented in her landscape collages. These are elegantly simple works where sky is divided from land or sea by a single line. They are serene portals to a world of possibilities, where the viewer has every room to dream. Their open interpretability is comparable to the asemic works.

Colored pencil is another favorite material of hers. Her meticulously drawn botanical and animal subjects, from large scale to miniature sized, are a testament to that. Combined with watercolor these drawings are colorful treasures.

Since starting as a fulltime artist Nynke has partaken in a number of exhibits. Her work has been shown in several museums and she is a regular exhibitor at the Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam. She is active in several artist collectives and is part of the international group of Women Asemic Writers.


May 2023 – Galerie Anjo de Jong – Group exhibit

January-March 2023 – Kunsthuis Waterland – transFORmatie

November 2022 – Broekerkerk, Broek in Waterland – Kunst met een kus

October 2022 – Kromhouthal, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Affordable Art Fair

October 2022 – Purmerend, The Netherlands – Kunstroute

September-October 2022 – Grote Kerk Monnickendam, The Netherlands – Insecten

July-August 2022 – Kapel Overweersepolderdijk, Purmerend – Dieren in de kapel

May 2022 – Markthal, Purmerend, The Netherlands – Purmerend Art Fair

March 2022 – Passenger Terminal, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – First Art Fair

December 2021-June 2022 – Micksart Collectief, Emmen, The Netherlands – Group Exhibit

December 4 2021 – 2B @Modestraat, Amsterdam – Art Market

November 2021-January 2022 – Online solo-exhibit at Van Vliet Gallery – Moon Poems

October 2021-February 2022 – Purmerends Museum, The Netherlands – Ode aan het landschap

October 2021 – Kromhouthal, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Affordable Art Fair

October 2021 – Purmerend, The Netherlands – Kunstroute

September 2021 – 2B @Modestraat, Amsterdam – Art Market

May-August 2021 – Zandvoorts Museum – Ode aan het landschap

May-June 2021 – De Hallen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – See You At Art

May-June 2021 – OBA de Hallen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Exhibition

January 2021 – Purmerend, The Netherlands – Sterren op het doek

December 2020 – Museumwinkel Purmerends Museum, The Netherlands – Etalagekunst

October 2020 – Purmerend, The Netherlands – Kunstroute

February 2020 – De Purmaryn, Purmerend, The Netherlands – Sterren op het doek

December 2019 – De Balie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Nasty Women

December 2019 – Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – EuropArtFair

October / November 2019 – Kromhouthal, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Affordable Art Fair

October 2019 – Purmerend, The Netherlands – Kunstroute

September 2019 – Museum Jan Boon, De Rijp, The Netherlands – Solo Exhibition The Silent Land

July 2019 – Women Asemic Writers, online exhibition – Summer 2019 Exhibit

April 2019 – Evoluon, Eindhoven, The Netherlands – Museum Vakdagen 2019

April 2019 – Women Asemic Writers, online exhibition – Spring 2019 Exhibit

October / November 2018 – Kromhouthal, Amsterdam, The Netherlands –Affordable Art Fair

October 2018 – World Fashion Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – ADAF

September / October 2018 – Galerie 54, Terneuzen, The Netherlands – Fall exhibition

November 2017 – Kromhouthal, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Affordable Art Fair

October 2017 – World Fashion Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – ADAF

February 2017 – Wackers Academy of Fine Art, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Let’s Dance

February 2016 – Wackers Academy of Fine Art, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Alumni Exhibition

June 2013 – Bielska Gallery, Bielsko-Biała, Poland – Going back to the roots

May 2012 – De Brakke Grond Cultural Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – 1000 Drawings

April 2011 – De Stoker Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – 20 Jaar De Stoker


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