Inner Scription Oracle

The Inner Scription Oracle is a 52 card deck of beautiful watercolor paintings centered around mysterious glyphs. The deck is created by artist and linguist Nynke van Zwol who worked on the paintings for over a year.

This is a deck for the intuitive reader. Each card has its own mood, its own character. Let yourself be transported to a state of dreaming and read the glyphs as they are meant for you.

The cards are environmentally friendly varnished with a satin layer of dispersion varnish and feel soft to the touch. They shuffle delightfully easy.

With the deck comes a handsewn booklet in English or Dutch, a complimentary hand painted card from the creator and a handmade bookmark.

€ 44,95
Box size 13 x 8 x 2,7 cm
ISBN 9789090329901


I’ve written a short guidebook to the cards. You can download it below in English.


Ik heb een beknopte handleiding bij de kaarten geschreven, die je hieronder in het Nederlands kunt downloaden.