Zandvoorts Museum

Dutch art museums have a yearly theme. 2021 is the year of the Dutch landscape. I’m participating in the wonderful exhibit “Zandvoorts ode aan het landschap” in the Zandvoorts Museum, together with internationally acclaimed artists like Daan Roosegaarde and Bruno van den Elshout.
Go visit the Museum!

The Mysterious Manuscript

In the first half of 2021 I’ve participated in the 100 Day project. This resulted, among other things, in an exciting new collection of colorful bookpages with asemic script and drawings of natural objects: the Mysterious Manuscript.
Here you can see this collection.

What the devil?

I’m not the fastest worker, but my tarot deck is starting to take shape. It’s an almost abstract deck with vivid colors. I decided to call it the Shades of Emergence Tarot.
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Portrait contest

Together with 9 other artists I made a portrait of restaurant owner Frans Spijkerman. On January 30th he made his choice. I’m very happy my portrait came second in his top 3!
Read the Dutch newspaper article

Landscapes for the soul

Beautiful landscapes to soothe your heart, in the colors of your dreams.

The Inner Scription Oracle

Heard about this extraordinary deck, have you? You can buy it here.

I can’t read that!

That’s because it’s asemic. It’s deliberately meaningless. I use my self-constructed asemic script in my art. Why don’t you take a look?

Hello toady!

Surprise! One of my frog paintings found its way back to me. The lovely, warty Aroyo toad is back in stock. When it’s sold, part of the proceeds go to Stichting RAVON, a Dutch charity for preservation and research of frogs, reptiles and fish.


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