Inner Scription Oracle

The Inner Scription Oracle is a beautiful project I started after a conversation with my friend Felice. An Oracle is a person, place or object you can consult for wisdom, insight, prophesy… The Oracle of Delphi is a famous example.

The Oracle I’m working on here is an object, a set of 52 cards with a book of poems. Every card has one of my asemic characters on it, a character of its own as it were.

For each card I’m writing a four line poem to go with it. It will help you interpret the card, if you wish. You can also simply enjoy the artwork and read a bit of poetry.

I’m almost finished painting them and I’m halfway writing the book. After that comes the printing and the publishing, a task I’m somewhat new to.

In 2020 you’ll be able to buy the set. I’ll keep you informed on this website. If you want to follow my progress more closely, take a look at my Instagram page.